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Become The Visual You.
Papillons Studio is a creative studio that helps people discover and craft their unique style. Whether you want to build an entire website or print a pre-designed business card, we are here for your creative journey.

We believe in a world where everyone has the opportunity to express their creativity and vision.

Papillon Studio was founded in Montreal by Francine of Papillon de Nuit. After freelancing for over ten years, alongside her colleague/pup Milo, she decided these two sidekicks needed to collaborate with other creative souls alike. That is where the expansion began and cocooned; Papillons Studio. 

Papillons, which means butterflies in french, is to represent all of us on our creative journey.

Our mission is simple: We want everyone to know that they are an artist with potential beyond their wildest dreams!

We believe in the power of art and design to transform the world around us, and we want everyone to be able to participate in that transformation by creating something beautiful for themselves or someone they love.

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